Sometimes a small act of kindness, a simple smile or sweet words of love and encouragement can make someone’s day. Don’t hesitate. Pay someone a compliment…lend a smile or lift their spirits. It can only do you more good to be nice to people. So go scatter Love everywhere.

~ Natasha Ramesar


Letting go for Love to flourish.

Letting go for Love to flourish.

No matter what ties you have with people, be it friendship, acquaintance or family, once they are representative of negative influence in your life, you have to cut them off.
All connection must be severed with these people in order for your mind to be at peace, to function in accordance with the Divine Plan of your life.
As hard as this seems, it is best for your growth and development as an individual of Truth and Love.
Love cannot flourish in negative environments.
You will do yourself the greatest favour by letting all the negative influences go.

Live and Prosper as is the word of God.

~ Tasha Ramesar


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